Aion Cryptocurrency Solo Developer Box that Mines

Update 2018-10-16: Aion is changing rapidly and this vagrant script is instantly out-of-date. If the project stabilizes I will update it again.

If you’re not familiar with Aion it is a cryptocurrency focused on developers and consultants. It’s made to be compatible with Ethereum’s APIs and ecosystem but it incorporates a lot more beyond that.

Whle working on this bounty I built some other tools to help and that’s what I wanted to share here today.

The idea is to spin up a VM with Vagrant then have it provisioned to run Aion with ansible.

Get the box

# vagrant-aion is provisioned by ansible-role-aion
git clone
git clone
cd vagrant-aion

# optional but recommended, get a nicer shell for messing with the VM
ansible-galaxy install gantsign.oh-my-zsh

Edit ./Vagrantfile for cpu and memory you want. Advanced users can set role vars are available to change every aspect of the deployment.

vagrant up

That’s it!

It will compile Aion and run a solo, developer, test node isolated from others. You can change the configs to allocate as much funds as you need from the start, do transactions, and run contracts.

As a bonus the ansible role could be used to configure a cluster of these Aion nodes.